"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

From my first day at portfolio school up until today, I have held this belief. No matter what client I work on or how big the project, I bring enthusiasm and determination to everything I do. On paper, you could say that I am an interactive art director. Yet I've always been taught that a big idea isn't constrained by mediums or media placements. It does not belong to one creative discipline, but instead is nurtured by all disciplines to reach its full potential.

My hope is to work with people who share this philosophy and understand the importance of working together as a team to create completely integrated experiences. My goal is to use my skills and eagerness to collaborate with them and inspire each other to produce great work.



Role: art direction, design


Microsite, social media, mobile, alternative, experiential

Role: strategy, art direction, design


Banners, alternative, OOH

Role: art direction, design

Pitney Bowes

Microsite, DM

Role: assisted in art direction

United States Tennis Association

Banners, microsite

Role: art direction, design



Role: art direction


Banners, website, social media, mobile, email

Role: art direction, design


Banners, email

Role: art direction, design


TV, web, mobile, OOH, alternative

Role: art direction


Websites, identity, social media, typography

Role: concept, design, development

Partnership for a Drug-Free America


Role: concept, design

November Rain Charters

Branding, logo, website, mobile, collateral

Role: strategy, copywriting, design, development


Microsite, banners

Role: art direction, design

Rogue Dead Guy Ale


Role: art direction


Web, QR, mobile

Role: Writing, design, development, baking​

illustration of me with thought bubbles and content